The Pantami in all of us by Fishon Amos

 The Pantami in all of us

By Fishon Amos

On April 12 a news site, Independent newspaper reported that the US department state has placed Nigeria's Communication Minister on terror watchlist. Six hours after the report, it was retracted. Thereafter, People's Gazette a fast rising Online news platform published a detailed investigative story of Pantami's past messages, including a story on how Pantami chaired a JNI meeting at Kaduna in which the the growth of Christianity and the governorship of Patrick Yakowa in Kaduna state was deliberated. 

These reports including a story in which it was alleged that Pantami supported the murder of Ecwa student's ministry president in ATBU by some Muslims students who accuse him of sharing blasphemous pamphlets in the campus raised alot of eyebrows.

Many people have aired there views on this issue, some even called for his resignation or sack and prosecution. Pantami while responding declared that most of the comments attributed to him were made when he was still young, and that he now understands better.

But sometimes, even in situations like this, we have to be sincere with ourselves, we all have this Pantami in us. We can all agree that the issue of religion mosts times make us emotional,  Muslims can never view the world as Christians and vice versa that's where tolerance and diversity comes in. 

If we are to be sincere with ourselves and look within, we will discover that, we have said worst things about others. The only difference is that our own is not on record.

When we look at Pantami from another Angle, his profession as a Sheikh which is akin to a Christian Biahop may have influenced some of his statements. How many Bishops if placed side by side with Pantami will be innocent of this kind of statement Pantami is being accused of? although Pantami's current travail is understandable because he is a politician and heading a critical ministry. 

We must all learn from the travails of Pantami, and be careful of what we say today, else it hunts us tomorrow. We must not allow emotions to replace rationality in all our actions. While, we all have this Pantami is us, we can control it by being tolerant and prudent in words and in actions.

Fishon Amos is a political analyst and a writer. You can reach him through WhatsApp at 08116167282.

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