Nirsal NYIF BVN Validation: How to validate your bvn for nyif loan

 On 25th July, 2020, the federal government of Nigeria led by President Buhari launched the Nigerian Youths Investment funds to provide funding for youths with viable bussiness plans. The Minister of Youths and Sports Sunday Dare while annoucing this said the 75 Billion funding will be made avaible to youths as a loan.

Many youths applied for th funds and have been awaiting updates. While uncertainties continue to trail the programme, recently, many applicants received messages as; " Dear Applicant,

You have been pre-qualified for the NYIF loan programme, kindly click on this link to apply".

How to validate your bvn via nmfb

1. Visit

2. Input your BVN and click validate.

3. Create a password and a confirmation link will be sent to your email.

5. Verify the link and continue with your application.

How to Receive Confirmation Link

Some helping tips for those that didn't receive their confirmation mail.

1. Go to login, click on reset password.
2. Enter your email address, and send
3. Keep trying at interval of 2 minutes. Don't keep repeating it, do it after you didn't receive reset password link after the said time, as each task has it coded link different from the other. That's why you see 'INVALID TOKEN'. Don't be tired, keep repeating it.
4. Do this in early hours. Eg from 12am-7am its better, and no traffic.

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