[Updated]: College Relief Funds Scholarship is a Scam!! Beware.

This post will provide comprehensive and unbiased reviews about the college relief fund scholarship program, then leave you to judge if it's a scam or not.

College relief funds reviews

About the College Relief fund Scholarship Reviews.

According to it's official website, The College Relief Fund (CRF) is a comprehensive fundraising initiative established to ensure the long-term fiscal support and providing opportunities for all youths aspiring to fulfill their dreams of attaining a quality post secondary education within Nigeria.

Since its inception in 2018, CRF has engaged stakeholders interested in the educational advancement of the Nigerian Youth. We are happy to have hit a break and raised $245,000.00 in 2019 to kick-off our first round of direct scholarships to support deserving students across higher institutions in Nigeria. CRF is building a proven track record of using its funds to efficiently and effectively fulfill the mission.

Our aim is to provide young Nigerians and indigent families with the knowledge and resources needed to successfully complete a higher education, and provide scholarships and support services to as many students as possible on a per need basis.

Reviews: Is it real or scam?

Based on the information provided on the site, we can authoritatively say this scholarship fund is not a scam with the following reasons:
  • The have an office address and real contact information: Most online scam schemes hardly show their identities online. But this website has every detail about the owners including the team members.
  • They don't charge application fee: It is explicitly stated in the site that no one should pay a dim to anybody in order to influence the selection process, this singularly shows they are legit and not just some random guys wasting your time online. Even if they are not genuine tthis singular act of  rejecting payments qualifies them with a legitmacy.
  • Past beneficiaries: Many of the past beneficiaries of this scholarship have come online either through social media or forums to share there experiences on how the scholarship helped their academic journey.

How to Apply for College Relief Fund Scholarship

By now you must have been convinced that this scholarship is real and don't want to miss out this great and exciting offer. 
Applying for the College relief fund is surprisingly very easy.

First,  you need to click here and register.

The selection process is divided into Enrollment > Referral (optional)> Pre-selection.

Note:  Registration and enrollment  are FREE.
Scholarship grants will be disbursed on a Per-Need basis with a maximum of N500,000.
If you are Pre-Selected, a Document Verification and Aptitude test will be required.
Do NOT pay money/bribe to any individual who promises to influence the process in  your favour.

If you have any question or you want to join the College Relief  Fund WhatsApp group, notify me via comments below


After several investigations, We have concluded that the College Relief Fund Scholarship is a complete scam. Please don't pay the N1075!!. We apologise for the earlier review.

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