How to add blogger favicon in 2020 link

How to add blogger favicon in 2020 link

How to add blogger favicon in 2020 link -- Hautangle,hotangle

Blogger has removed the widget for adding favicon from the layout view, this has caused many bloggers wanting to add a custom favicon in 2020 to seek alternative means of doing so.

Many have asked questions with queries like;

how to change favicon in blogger 2020

favicon html code for blogger

blogger favicon not working

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how to create favicon for blogger

 In this post I will show you how to add blogger favicon in 2020

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a small 16×16 pixel icon that acts as a brand for your website. Its main aim is to help visitors find your page easier when several tabs are opened. Due to their small scale, favicons perform best as simple photos or one-to-three text characters. Favicons are not to be confused with logos, but sometimes the same thing. The Favicon may need to be an even smaller sizer or part of the original logo of a company because of its limited size and resolution.

Change Favicon in Blogger 


First Login to Blogger, then go to the Left side upper corner where there are three lines and select which blog want to add favicon icon to.

Now go to step-by-step  Follow this

Click on Layout  > Edit > favicon

Then save.

Unfortunately, this method is no longer working. Don't worry I will show you the alternative.

Alternative Method 2020

Click here t

NB: You need to paste your blog id to replace 123456789

How to find Blog id

Visit your blogger dashboard logged in with the account you want to add the favicon.

You will see a 19 digits number  in the link. That's your blog id as highlighted below.

How to add Favicon in Blogger

Click “Edit” from the “Favicon” option found in the upper left section of the screen. Click “Browse” to find the image on your computer that you want to use as a favicon. Once you locate it, double-click the icon file to upload it to your blog. Click “Save” to apply the new favicon to your Blogger blog.


Hope you have been able to successfully add a favicon to your blog by following the steps enumerated above.. 

If you have any misunderstanding on how to add favicon to blogger 2020, comment below and I will be very glad to answer you as soon as possible.

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