5 Interesting things you can do with your Smart Phone

5 Interesting things you can do with your Smart Phone


There are truly many intriguing stuffs you can do with your smart phone.


1)See in obscurity or darkeness


Our eyes, however not upheld to find in obscurity, with regards to versatile, you can include modest however great warm indicator connection and see what you can't with your unpolished eyes.


2) Measure your heart beat


5 Interesting Things

There are a lot of applications in play store and iOS stage, which utilizes versatile's blaze and camera to quantify your pulse or heart beat.


3) Hunt for treasure

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In the same way as other non-nerdy, you won't be realizing that your cell phone holds a screwing magnetometer inside it. That implies, by introducing basic application like Metal Detector, and so forth you can go with your companions looking for treasures.


In any event, use it to discover lost keys at somewhere!!!


4) Translate text when visiting some unfamiliar spot

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Terrified of being tricked/robbed in some unfamiliar spot. Use Microsoft/google interpreter application to change over unknown dialect text to your local language.


This uses your camera and blast!!


5) Afraid of numerical statements?

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Use Photomath application and unravel every one of your aggregates written in duplicate, Step-by-Step.

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