2019: Atiku vs Buhari Detailed analysis

2019 Elections: Atiku vs Buhari Detailed analysis

2019: Buhari vs Atiku And Detailed analysis, here.

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2019: Buhari vs Atiku And Others

It's another political season again!

Politicians across the country are battling to persuade the electorates, on why they should be voted, or allowed to remain in office.

While some of them are new to the system, some are already familiar with the indigent political hacks and tricks.

It is also a seaaon of name calling, some ply integrity as manifestoe even when it is evident they possess none. Some are of the opinion that the nation has been demystified, therefore promised to get it work again

Who are we to know the best? let us wait till febuary 19 when Nigerians will decide whether to go back to the days of prosperity or continue in this state, whichever way, so be it.

Disclaimer: This analysis is based on factors witnessed, and may not reflect the opinion of the author

Holistic Analysis Of The Upcoming Election

In this analysis, I will be scoring the two major parties that's APC and PDP, based on the factors below:

  • Party Structure:
  • Acceptance of the part nationwide, Influential indiviuals in the party, it presence in the grass roots,finnancial and leadership reach

  • Scored Card:
  • The party's performers in the past, present and its possible future achievements

  • The Incubency Factor:
  • Its a known factor that the party in power always posesses a slight edge though minimal in elections, because they have all the state apparatus to promote there self.

  • Perfomance oF the Incumbent government:
  • The performance of the incumbent is a very strong campaign point by oppositions in elections

Further Analysis: APC vs PDP

Based on the Factor above, it is clear Atiku has more edge than the incumbent president buhari Atiku Abubakar has the support of all nigerian former presidents, which is also a very injuriuos factor in Nigerian Politics.

Most Polls carried out by Online medias Premium Times, Channels etc and even polls carried out by addent buhari supporters like Joe Abah shows buhari to be loosing woefully, contrary to 2015 when reverse was the case


2019 elections is very predicatable, but here, I dont know how buhari will win, I can tell you authoritatively that Atiku will win by 65% save this!!!

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